Podcast: Amelia Kohm, DataViz for NonProfits

Amelia Kohm joins our host Roy Kessel for Episode 34 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast

Join us for Episode 34 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast as Amelia Kohm, Founder of DataViz for NonProfits sits down with our host Roy Kessel to examine how the process of creating visually appealing presentations of data can make a dramatic impact on the way the data is understood by grantors, donors, sponsors or even the board of directors.

Amelia Kohm joins our host Roy Kessel for Episode 34 of the Sports Philanthropy Podcast


  • 00:30 Meaning of data visualization
  • 02:45 Background as researcher
  • 03:15 How to do more than just talk a good game about data
  • 04:30 Making data collection easier
  • 05:15 How Amelia gained data visualization expertise
  • 08:00 Existing college programs for data visualization
  • 10:00 Technical charts, theory and storytelling
  • 11:20 Importance of storytelling in the process
  • 12:45 Type of organizations and staff that hire Amelia
  • 15:00 Process of unearthing the story
  • 18:00 How to determine what organizational data is best to use
  • 21:15 Determining what you want to measure
  • 26:30 Importance of research
  • 28:30 How she structures her engagement
  • 31:30 Initial consultation process
  • 32:30 Challenges working with non-profit clients
  • 34:15 Difficulties caused by changes in staff
  • 36:00 Favorite part of the visualization process

For more information about Amelia’s services and to understand how data visualization can help you, email to Amelia at Amelia@nonprofitviz.com or visit her website at www.nonprofitviz.com

Roy Kessel

Roy Kessel

Roy Kessel is the Founder of the Sports Philanthropy Network. Roy has worked in the sports business world for over 20 years including serving as an instructor in Northwestern University's graduate Sports Management Program. Having served as a sports lawyer representing athletes, entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, Roy has extensive experience helping organizations improve their strategy, marketing, communications and leadership development.
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