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Throughout the history of the Pittsburgh Pirates, the team has made great strides towards giving back to the Pittsburgh community. In 2006, the team developed Pirates Charities in an effort to increase their involvement in the community. The charity is committed to helping kids and families in the surrounding Pittsburgh area. With the charity’s focus on youth health, fitness and education, it has allowed for many kids to learn and love the games of baseball and softball.  


Organizations and Charities

Home Run 5k 10k Race

Due to COVID-19 social distancing rules, the Pittsburgh Pirate’s Home Run has been cancelled. However, the team encourages fans to participate in a virtual run where you can share you’re run stats and a selfie on social media with the hashtag #PiratesStayHomeRun. 

Fields For Kids

The Fields for Kids program strives to improve youth baseball and softball fields through donating to nonprofit organizations and local government units that operate baseball or softball programs. 

Military Programs

Every Wednesday, home game at PNC Park will be a designated Military Appreciation Day. Players, coaches and staff will be dressed in special clothing

Miracle League Fields

Miracle League Fields were created to help children with special needs play baseball. Fields used for miracle league are much different and made accessible to wheel-chair bound or visually impaired players. These custom designed fields have cushioned surfaces, accessible dugouts and flat surfaces to ensure all players can safely utilize the fields. Each team and each player is always a winner at a Miracle League game! There are now more than 275 Miracle League organizations serving more than 200,000 players across the world, helping children achieve their dream of being able to play baseball. 

Action Math Baseball

Action Math Baseball is an integrated math program which aims to make math more fun and engaging. Students in grades 4-8 use statistics from current Pirates players and player cards to compete against one another in simulated baseball games. 

To apply to the program, click: https://www.mlb.com/pirates/community/action-math-baseball 

Pirates Charities Game on AT&T SportsNet

The Pirates Charities Game helps the Pirates continue to assist those who are struggling in the community. In 2020, help was given to front line workers, food to those in need and personal protective equipment to underserved members of the community. This is all made possible by the continued support of AT&T SportsNet which broadcasted the Pirates Charities efforts and partnerships throughout the year. 

Golf Classic

Participants of the golf classic have the opportunity to meet with Pirates front office executives, alumni and the Pirate Parrot. This organization helps to raise money for the Pittsburgh community. 


The CARE-a-van project consists of Pirate players and staff who partner with local non-profits. These teams work collaboratively to donate their time to projects and services as well as visit with school and community organizations. 


Ways to Help

Make a donation:

Make a donation today to help Pirates Charities impact more families in the Pittsburgh area: https://chicago-fire.networkforgood.com/projects/127234-donate-now  

Online Auctions:

You can bid on select Pirate’s memorabilia and a portion of the proceeds will go to Pirates Charities: https://pirates.auctions.mlb.com 

50/50 Raffle:

Enter yourself into a raffle and help a good cause: https://www.mlb.com/pirates/community/raffle. 



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