SPN Pillar Program

Please consider donating to one of our pillars!

As a supporter of the Sports Philanthropy Network, we would like to invite you to join our Sports Philanthropy Pillars initiative.

We are raising funding to build Stronger, Healthier, and more Inclusive communities. Your support strengthens our position to provide the services needed. We are creating innovative ways to support our constituency and create meaningful change.

Help us build the pillars to support our mission:

One unique element of our Sports Philanthropy Network Pillars initiative is that Ambassadors are recognized based on the aggregate level of funding they raise. For example, if an Ambassador and three other donors contribute $2,500 each, the Ambassador will be recognized at the $10,000 Visionary Pillar level. If an Ambassador joins the Sports Philanthropy Network with nine other donors at $100, the Ambassador will be recognized at the $1,000 Foundation Pillar level.

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