Philadelphia Phillies Spotlight

Main Purpose:

The Phillies Charities Inc.’s primary purpose is to raise money to give to those in need, mainly in the greater Philadelphia area and surrounding states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Offering educational programs and events that get the community involved, the team has managed to help the Philadelphia community and the surrounding communities.

Phanatic About Reading: Focuses on increasing children’s literacy skills from Pre-K through 8th grade. The teams provide the reading materials to schools. This program rewards the top-performing schools with extraordinary experiences with the team’s mascot. Not only are the students awarded, but the teachers get rewarded for helping the children.

Summer Slugger:

It helps students stay on track during summer vacation by using baseball to help them stay on track for the following school year. The students can earn rewards and play weekly baseball games.

Phillies Fundamentals:

Like other programs, it helps children ages 6-12 years old enhance academic skills using baseball. Children can learn important subjects like statistics, history, science, geography, and art. The Phillies Fundamentals are offered in various locations around Philadelphia.

Teacher Appreciation:

Their school nominates ten educators from around the area for doing outstanding work. They are given the title of all-star teachers to recognize their job for making a difference in the future generations.

Phillies Wives: Every year, the Phillies Wives arrange various charitable events to raise funds and awareness for local charities. Volunteering at the annual Phillies Festival is one of their many accomplishments. They sell grab bags and meet with patients and their families at the event. The spouses also help homeless youth through various projects, including the construction of a baby play area and a young moms’ lounge at Covenant House Pennsylvania, a teen emergency shelter.

Phillies Charities Grant Fund

Phillies Charities, Inc. raises funds for charitable groups in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

Abby Bonebrake

Abby Bonebrake

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