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The Philadelphia Flyers strive to assist those in the Greater Philadelphia Region who make the community a better place. 


 Community Ticket Grant- Supports the mission of local non-profits by offering the complimentary experience of a Flyers home game to those that might not otherwise be able to attend. The club holds a block of Community Ticket Grant tickets for local non-profits to use at every game. Applications are now being accepted to reserve tickets.  
Autism Inclusion Resources (AIR)- Helps enhance the game-day experience for families with autism to attend games at the Wells Fargo Center. The event staff at rink has completed educational sessions with the AIR group during the off-season to learn about new ways to assist families affected by autism when attending events at the Wells Fargo Center. In addition, a game experience guide has been published and produced by AIR. It includes tips for families to help familiarize them with the sights, sounds and actions experienced at a game, including suggestions for quiet areas and additional resources available at the Wells Fargo Center. 
Hometown Hero- Developed to recognize local men and women who are serving or have served in the past 10 years with one of the five Armed Forces. The Flyers Hometown Hero recognition includes two tickets to a regular season game and a personalized Flyers military jersey presentation on the arena vision scoreboard. 
School Assembly program- Hosted by Flyers Ambassador of Hockey, Bob “The Hound” Kelly, this program was developed for kids in grades 1-5 and stresses the importance of using teamwork to achieve your goals at school, while playing sports and at home.  
Face-Off For Fitness- Made for kids in grades 2-5 and stresses the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and physical activity. The objective of the program is to heighten awareness and provide information to help kids make positive nutritional and behavioral choices. 
Sadie Yarosh

Sadie Yarosh

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