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The OL REIGN is committed to inspiring, empowering, and honoring the development of women in the state of Washington. The OL REIGN provides financial and volunteer support to women in Washington. The community pillars and strategy of the OL REIGN is driven by its players.


Legends Campaign:The Legends Campaign, a foundation launched in 2016 by the OL REIGN and sponsored by Starbucks, recognizes a female leader in recognition of her extraordinary contributions to the community and beyond. Reign Legends are selected from corporate, non-profit, academic, athletic, and civic organizations with a presence in the state of Washington.

Black Future Co-op Fund:In 2020, the OL REIGN partnered with the Black Future Co-op Fund, for the NSWL Verizon Community Shield. By doing this, the OL REIGN is provided an opportunity to win grants of $25,000, $15,000 or $10,000 in addition to the fan donations. The Black Future Co-op Fund was created to address systemic inequality and the disproportionate effect that COVID-19 had on the Black community in Washington State.

Sustainability Commitment:The OL REIGN’s commitment to sustainability varies from individual player efforts, too changes in team and staff operations and support from new partnerships. The club has a partnership with Everybody Water, a boxed water brand that comes in 100% recyclable packaging and contains water from a community system.


Mission: OL REIGN Academy provides a female-centered training and playing environment designed to inspire and empower the next generation of female footballers.



– OL REIGN Academy Bleue

Offers comprehensive, intense, and demanding training environments designed to support the development of female footballers with exceptional talent, tenacity, and focus.

– OL REIGN Academy Rouge

Offers players a competitive, high-level training environment, but with more flexibility and a reduced time commitment to enable players to also pursue other sports or activities.

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