NHL Women Leaders in Pro Sports

At the intersection of #Gender and #Race

I am especially passionate about creating a space filled with hope and possibility for women and girls in sport. The UNLV Sports Research and Innovation Department hosted a great panel tonight — sponsored by Neurothink — that resonates with my mission to build stronger, healthier, and more inclusive communities through sports. 

If not now, when? Representation matters. We have a responsibility to lead so that others can follow behind.  

 It’s time to solve the biggest problems: 

* Growing sports in diversity and culture as a safe and welcoming place. 

* Listening, hearing, and understanding the needs of the next generation and making the small appropriate necessary culture changes that are required to make that deep work happen. 

* Making sure that we have open arms to welcome fans as we grow sports by creating new opportunities and strategic initiatives for women and girls in the sport industry. 

Our biggest problems are actually our biggest opportunities 

 The pipeline of talent is growing like crazy and skills are transferrable. Therefore, our code of conduct needs to be inclusive, educational, and welcoming.  

How do you tap into sports culture? It needs to be authentic. We are making progress, but it can’t stop. As leaders we need to keep pushing things forward for the generational shifts and future fan base of our values-driven innovative Gen Z fans. (Social Media will be key to this.) 

The best way to make change is through sport

#HumansAreGreaterThanHighlights — we need to intentionally share those great athlete stories (in and out of uniform). People want to see themselves. Again, representation and intentionality make the difference.  

Sponsors can co-create their purpose-driven brands with DEI sports initiatives like social justice that align with their values. It looks like the future of marketing and sponsorship is really headed in this direction. 

I am genuinely inspired by the panelists at the Women Leaders in Pro Sports Panel Discussion led by: 

* NHL Senior Exec VP and CMO, Heidi Browning 

* NHL Senior Exec VP of Social Impact, Growth Initiatives, and Legislative Affairs, Kim Davis 

* NHLPA Director, Player Health and Safety & Associate Counsel, Maria Dennis 

Jade Strauss

Jade Strauss

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