New England Revolution Spotlight

Mission Statement

Their Mission Statement:

“New England Revolution players, coaches, and staff pride themselves on being active and committed members of the New England community. By supporting local partners and initiatives involved with social justice and equity, childhood cancer awareness, concussion awareness, military and first responders, and the inclusion of the sport; we strive to strengthen our ties to the six states we all call home”.

Community Programs

Scott’s Dream Team-

The team welcomes Boston Children’s patients and their families to come and watch warmups before enjoying a game in their own private suite. Along with that, the families get to meet the Revolution midfielder, Scott Caldwell.  

Drive Series-

For this program the team partners with the Dan O’Brien Automotive Groups, to collect needed items for local charities. The items that are collected at select home games are specifically distributed to organizations throughout New England.


Hero of the Match-

During this season the team will proudly honor a hero at each home game. The team defines a hero as anyone from a local first responders to anyone making a difference in the community.



For this program, the team partners up with the Jessie Rees Foundation to give young cancer patients a game-day experience they won’t forget. The patients get to go on the field, watch the game from a private suite, and meet players from the team. The program’s unique name, NEGU, stands for “Never Ever Give Up”, which is the overall mission adopted by the Jessie Rees Foundation; a foundation that aims to support children fighting cancer so that they don’t ever give up on their own battle. 

Revs Score, Boston Scores-

Every time the team scores a goal at their home stadium the New England Revolution Charitable Foundation donates $100. All those donations are then matched by one of Boston SCORES’ corporate partners. That sum of money goes to pay for programming fees at Boston SCORES. This allows Boston SCORES to continue to provide their programs free of charge to youth in the Boston area.  

Concussion Awareness-

Every year the New England Revolution hosts a concussion awareness match. The team partners up with the organization ThinkTaylor to bring awareness to concussions by displaying orange elements all around the stadium on the day of the match. This partnership with ThinkTaylor is special to the team because the founder was a former Revolution forward who now uses his organization to help foster social change regarding brain injuries.  

Pride Night-

Every year, during pride month, the New England Revolution host a Pride Night. The special game day consists of fun activities, field passes, meet-and-greets, and much more. This night is just one way the New England Revolution Charitable Foundation shows its belief in inclusiveness to everyone.  

Community Partners

Interview with David Campopiano, the team’s Director of Fan & Community Engagement

  1. Please describe your role for the New England Revolution club?

“As Director of Fan & Community Engagement, I direct all aspects of the club’s engagement with our fan base, through our community relations, event marketing, and brand activations.”

  1. What would you say are the organization’s main community outreach efforts?

“We focus our community engagement efforts on five core areas – Social Justice & Equality, Inclusion & Accessibility to Soccer, Childhood Cancer Awareness, Military & First Responder Appreciation, and Concussion Awareness & Prevention.”

  1. How does the organization decide what communities or individuals to work with?

“We try to have the biggest impact within our five core areas of focus, specifically here in New England. By aim to take a local approach to meaningful, and often national or global issues by partnering with organizations in our own whose missions align with our own. We feel this approach allows us to make the greatest possible impact at home in our own community.”

  1. How can someone become involved in the organization’s efforts?

“Many of our community partners are frequently in need of volunteers and/or continuous financial support. The Revolution also occasionally seek out volunteers to assist with the club’s community programs.”

Abby Bonebrake

Abby Bonebrake

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