Minnesota United FC Spotlight


Minnesota United FC (MNUFC) has always based its work on seven core values: resilience, inclusivity, dedication, excellence, winning, teamwork and respect. With these values in place MNUFC is able to guide its community service mission around these values. 



Soccer programs are a way for MNUFC to connect communities through initiatives like mini pitches and soccer clinics. Doing this spreads the knowledge and interest of the game. Some of the programs put together include the following:

Boys and Girls Club Clinic 

This program was created last year and involved MNUFC visiting the Mount Airy Boys and Girls Club to host a clinic. 

Soccer Night Out 

Involved the partnering of MNUFC and Blue Cross Blue Shield to host a Soccer Night Out event of 2020. This event involved music, games, and player appearances. 


After the opening of their newest field MNUFC footprint grew. The team is doing their best to make sure that negative environmental impact is at a minimum and they’re doing this through programs focused on the environment and sustainability. Here are some of those programs:

Allianz Field 

Designed with the environment in mind, Allianz field features many things that make it eco-friendly like LED lights, recycled water, bird safe, and reduced steel. 

Shelter in Place 

This program features a list of MNUFC restaurant partners open to deliver food to those at home because of COVID-19. 


MNUFC pushes for inclusivity by creating programs focused on bringing together fans of various ethnicities and backgrounds. One of those programs is: 

MNUFC United Team 

As part of the Major League Soccer (MLS) community outreach effort, MLS partnered with Special Olympics to bring soccer to athletes with disabilities. MNUFC joined the league and added its own Special Olympic Unified Squad. These special Olympic players receive training from MLS coaches and players. 



Jade Strauss

Jade Strauss

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