March 2021 Newsletter

March Madness is here! One year ago, COVID was just making its appearance on the scene and canceling the entire sports world! It would have been difficult to imagine everything that we have seen happen in the last year.  We know that it was a challenging year for many individuals and organizations, and we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has become part of our network.

2021 is off to a fast start and we are excited for a fantastic year! Take a look at what we have going on:

  • Task Forces—We have 28 Task Forces launching over the next 6 months. Get involved and help us convert Passion to Action!
  • Pillars—We launched our Sports Philanthropy Pillar initiative to raise the financial resources necessary to expand our efforts to build STRONGER, HEALTHIER and more INCLUSIVE communities. Will you become one of the Ambassadors for our Pillars initiative?
  • Super Bowl—The environment at the Super Bowl was very different than in a normal year. Join Kayla and I as we recap the highlights of the week and the outstanding work in the Tampa community.
  • Executive Director Mastermind—As we head into the second half of Cohort 1, make sure to check out the dates for our 2nd Cohort and also for the 1st Cohort of our Development Director Masterminds which both start in April.
  • Webinars—Our Webinars resume on March 17th and continue every Wednesday afternoon at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11 am PT. We have some incredible speakers lined up for you.
  • Email preferences—We have updated our email newsletter system so that you can select exactly what you want to receive. Take a look here and update your preferences or update them at any time from the footer of our website!
  • Message Boards—We are debuting our new “Members Only” message boards. These private boards allow our network to have meaningful interactions in a setting that protects their information from public view in order to facilitate more direct conversations.

So many exciting ways to get involved with us in the coming months! We look forward to having you participate in our events and support the incredible organizations in our network!

Have a great month! LIVE GENEROUSLY!


Abbey DeRossi

Abbey DeRossi

Sports Philanthropy Network

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