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The mission of Kings Care Foundation is to support families in Los Angeles by dedicating financial and in-kind resources to services and programs. To that end, the LA Kings Hockey Club reinvests in LA-based non-profits with the following shared goals:

  1. Wellness– Support institutions and programs that ensure the mental and physical development of youth in Los Angeles.
  2. Sustainability– Prioritize sustainable business practices in our facilities and mobilize the entire LA Kings community to act responsibly.
  3. Social Advocacy– Address the challenges threatening our community that increase homelessness and violence.
  4. Inclusion– Foster environments that welcome individuals or all races, genders, socio-economic backgrounds, and abilities.

LA Kings Initiatives

Salute to Service– The LA Kings honor active and retired servicemen and women; they also hold special events at LA Kings games.

Run & Bike Club– Offering both a basic and exclusive memberships, the Kings focus on a specific goal each month beginning in July and ending in December. These goals include forming the habit of running in July or encouraging outdoor activities in October. You can register here

G.O.A.L.S– Champion Green solutions, Open outlooks, Active bodies, Local leaders, and Sharp minds. This program the LA Kings partner with Blue Shield of California to help equip children in the community with practical skills and tools they need to lead healthy lives.

Royal Readers– Teachers can sign up their school to help reward their students for the reading all the reading they do inside and outside the classroom. Register your school here.

NHL Initiatives

Future Goals– Combining STEM curriculum, this program helps students develop STEM skills through interactive hockey games to create a fun learning experience.

Hockey Fights Cancer– Every team helps raise awareness for hockey’s most important fight, cancer.

Hockey is For Everyone– Regardless of your race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status the Los Angeles Kings along with the other NHL teams create a safe environment for players and families to play the sport they love.

Green– LA Kings players, staff, fans, and partners plan to reduce their environmental impact to try and counter climate change.

Alexandra Bowman

Alexandra Bowman

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