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“[The Dodgers Foundation] envision a city where every young Angeleno, regardless of neighborhood, has the opportunity to thrive.”

This organization focuses on the most critical issues in Los Angeles, aiming to improve education healthcare, homelessness, and social justice.



The LADF acknowledges that quality education leads to financial and social success. They use their platform keep children involved and excited about school, including reading, math, and science.

LA Reads is a literary campaign, including a literacy challenge, “Dodger Reading Champions.” The players also contribute with ‘Story Time,’ where they, along with alumni, broadcasters and celebrities read aloud popular children’s novels

The LADF Science of Baseball curriculum provides surrounding school districts to train their teachers in a hand-on STEM curriculum. Elementary and middle school teachers are trained in this curriculum, using baseball examples to enhance student interest and performance in STEM

The College and Career Accelerator (CCA) reveals college and career opportunities to high school students. Their goal is to use the Dodger brand to make college and career pathways more exciting.

Health Care


The LADF invest and partner with organizations that move to end the health disparities along racial, class and gender lines. The foundation has donated to Vision to Learn, Orthopedic Institute for Children, Marathon Kids, and many other organizations to support a healthier Los Angeles.

The LADF works to prevent homelessness from the start, by providing families with roofs and meals. These organizations include Habitat for Humanity LA, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Dream Center, and more. LADF distributes basic human needs to LA’s homeless and food insecure.

Youth Development

Dodgers RBI is a youth development program that applies sport to supply resources to communities who are experiencing social injustices. Dodgers RBI provides youth with equipment, uniforms, personal protective equipment, racial equity curriculums, fitness clinics, and player development trainings. All have been moved to virtual platforms since the start of the pandemic.

The LADF has built Dodgers Dreamfields to create safe havens and points of pride to families in neighborhoods across the city. 51 Dreamfields have been completed with 397,083 youth benefitting from these fields. The Dreamfields promotes physical activity, increases existing green spaces and increase opportunity in underserved communities

Military Programs

Military Hero of the Game

Veteran’s Day Batting Practice

During each home game, the Los Angeles Dodgers invite a Military Hero of the Game to be honored for his or her service to our country. Each hero is selected through an online process and is invited to participate in an all-inclusive game experience.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, the Dodgers invite active duty, reserved, or retired service members and their families to Dodger Stadium to enjoy a day of baseball activities including: Hitting on the field and hitting contest | Throwing in the bullpen | Giveaways | Dodger Stadium Tour | Lunch in the Dugout Club

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