LALR Podcast: S4:EP23–Clint Johnson, NFL Alumni & Lawyer

Join us for S4:EP23 of the Legacy After the Locker Room Podcast as Clint Johnson, NFL Alumni and now lawyer sits down with Kayla Bradham to discuss the importance of having goals and his passion for supporting athletes.

As Senior Director of Strategy, Clint develops, maintains, and enhances business strategy in partnerships and collaborations with key business stakeholders. Task with identifying key opportunities across a broad spectrum. Additionally, he provides insight and analytical orientation about business performance and outlook through routine reviews of operations, competitors, and markets through disciplined planning and execution of key initiatives and activities.

The consummate professional working behind scenes to foster alignment and effective collaborations between partners, businesses, functions, and operations at all levels. He also leads cross-functional teams in the development of group-wide operational strategies. Lastly, as Senior Director of Strategy, Clint serves as the business development advisor to the CEO for evaluation of current and new markets, positioning and proposal submission in selected markets, and development and execution of strong international and local partnerships to successfully deliver business solutions.

Clint Johnson for Notre Dame football
Clint Johnson joins our host Kayla Bradham on S4:EP23 of the Legacy After The Locker Room Podcast


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:26 Growing Up with Sports in Clint’s Household
  • 01:21 Getting into Notre Dame
  • 02:56 Dealing with Injuries in Football Career
  • 06:13 Watching OJ Simpson’s Case on TV
  • 08:30 Importance of Representation
  • 11:58 Clint’s Advice as a Lawyer to Achieve Goals
  • 14:10 Thanking Sponsor: Dugout Mugs (code Kayla30) & Sports Philanthropy Network (
  • 14:46 Discussing Becoming a Lawyer
  • 17:09 Importance of Networking
  • 18:45 Opportunities being a lawyer provided
  • 20:00 Developing Safer Football Helmets
  • 23:07 Prioritizing Athlete Health and Safety
  • 25:30 Autograph Donation
  • 25:53 Clint’s Passions
  • 27:05 Getting in Touch With Clint
  • 29:02 Thank You Message and Words of Wisdom


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