Legacy After The Locker Room Podcast: S4:EP1– Kitrick Taylor, Former NFL Wide Receiver

Join us for S4:EP1 of the Legacy After the Locker Room Podcast as Kitrick Taylor joins host Kayla Bradham. Kitrick Taylor (The Quiet Smile) is best known for catching Green Bay Packer QB Brett Farve’s first-ever winning touchdown pass: a 35-yard pass with 13 seconds left in the game!

Kitrick joins host Kayla Bradham to discuss his career, his trials, and his faith over his recent major illness as well as mental health. We’ve all seen Kitrick’s name in the news lately, let’s hear his story and set it straight.

Kitrick Taylor joins our host Kayla Bradham on S4:EP1 of the Legacy After The Locker Room Podcast


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:42 Geting Started In Sports
  • 01:20 Why Football?
  • 02:08 NFL Selection/Experience
  • 03:18 NFL As a Job
  • 04:37 His Picks For the Super Bowl
  • 05:43 Health Scare
  • 09:11 Dugout Mugs Sponsor
  • 09:58 Lawsuit Dismissed
  • 11:12 Book Coming Out
  • 13:40 Where To Find Him on Social Media
  • 15:48 Mental Health/Concussions
  • 18:46 Coping With Stress
  • 20:11 What’s Next?
  • 22:10 It’s What You Do
  • 23:29 Autograph Donation
  • 24:01 Working In a Group Home
  • 25:30 The Importance of His Work
  • 26:10 Biggest Lesson and Advice
  • 27:31 Best Coach He Ever Had
  • 29:05 Thank You’s


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