LALR Podcast: S5:EP9– Pete Koch, NFL Alumni & Actor

Join us for S5:E9 of Legacy After The Locker Room podcast as NFL Alumni, Fitness Pro and Actor Pete Koch joins host Kayla Bradham to discuss creating hope and possibility through his life story, professional football career, and his successful career as a current actor.

Pete Koch is from Long Island, NY, and was captain of his University of Maryland team that won the ACC Championship. Pete received All-ACC and All-American Honorable Mention honors. Pete was a First Round selection (sixteenth overall) in the 1984 NFL Draft; selected by the Cincinnati Bengals. Pete spent four years with the Kansas City Chiefs, notably starting at right defensive end in their playoff run of 1986. Pete wrapped up his six-year NFL run with the Los Angeles Raiders teaming with future Hal of Gamers Howie Long and Marcus Allen.

Pete Koch, NFL Alumni

Upon retirement from the NFL, Pete transitioned into a successful fitness acting career starring alongside Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge, Burt Reynolds in Heat and Evening Shade, Patrick Dempsey in Loverboy, and other totaling more than 120 Hollywood productions.

A lifelong fitness enthusiast Pete developed a system of training called Functional Advanced Sports Training or FAST, a melding of numerous scientifically proven training methodologists to optimize neuromuscular control and maximize athletic performance. Pete was then called on to direct the training of a number of Hollywood luminaries including Tobey Maguire, Joseph Fiennes, and Academy Award winner Benicia Del Toro.

Today, Pete is a sought-after actor, virtual and corporate fitness coach, and speaker.

Pete Koch, NFL Alumni

Highlights of Pete’s Podcast

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 1:00 Sports as a child
  • 3:00 College Football experience
  • 6:00 Journey of the NFL
  • 9:00 Collisions in the NFL
  • 12:00 The brain being affected and the tipping point
  • 14:00 The next part of the journey: Acting
  • 18:00 Shooting a commercial and the chance to become an actor
  • 24:00 The overwhelming aspect of inspiring others to do one of the most dangerous things possible
  • 28:00 Bodybuilding and fitness
  • 32:00 “The most interesting man in the world”
  • 35:00 Parting words of wisdom
Pete Koch, NFL Alumni

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