LALR Podcast: S5:EP8– Jed Collins, NFL Alumni

Join us for S5:E8 of Legacy After The Locker Room podcast as NFL Alumni and founder of Money Vehicle, Jed Collins joins host Kayla Bradham to discuss creating hope and possibility through his life story as an NFL player, and his new company Money Vehicle.

Jed Collins, a Washington State University Athletics graduate, played three seasons with the New Orleans Saints and also for the Chicago Bears, The Kansas City Chiefs, Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, and the Tennessee Titans. Jed signed deals with the Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions, and the Dallas Cowboys. In his first season as a starter, the Saints’ yards-per-carry average went from 22nd in the NFL in 2010 to fourth in the league in 2011, and Collins would be rated as the second-best fullback that season. Jed now owns a Financial Literacy company called Money Vehicle.

Jed Collins, NFL Alumni

Jedidiah Collins CFP® – former NFL player, Certified Financial Planner®. Amazon best-selling author (Your Money Vehicle), and adjunct professor of Personal Finance at Washington State University.

Collins’ program- Money Vehicle- is a 10-module curriculum designed to entertain and engage students through the first 10 steps in their financial journey.  Upon completion of the course, each student can earn a Certification in Financial Literacy!! This is a Great NIL and Resume builder! Money Vehicle’s Mission: Empower students and young professionals to U.S.E. money (Understand, Strategize, Efficient) & BEGIN A PLAN!

*7-year NFL Career – Cut 12 times and rated #1 Fullback 
*Certified Financial Planner®
*Best-Selling author of Your Money Vehicle 
*Adjunct Professor of Personal Finance 
*Founder of Money Vehicle: edtech company closing the financial literacy gap! 
*Husband of 13 years and Father of 2 girls 

Going from being cut 12 times to the #1 Fullback in the NFL, Jed learned many things. The most impactful was how unprepared he was around money, despite being an Accounting Major. Studying for the CFP® while he was in the NFL was the origin of Money Vehicle.

Jed Collins, NFL Alumni

Highlights of Jed’s Podcast

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 1:00 Sports as a child
  • 3:00 NFL best ,moments
  • 7:30 Being cut but still continuing to grind
  • 13:00 Learning about finance and money in the NFL
  • 18:00 Teaching teammates and family about financial literacy
  • 23:00 Starting up a company called Money Vehicle
  • 24:00 Going to schools and teaching kids the importance of financial literacy
  • 26:00 spreading awareness about Money Vehicle
  • 30:00 Parting words of wisdom
Jed Collins, NFL Alumni

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