LALR Podcast: S5:EP7– Kawser Amine, Professional Soccer Alumni of the Afghan Women’s Team and Women’s Rights Activist

Join us for S5:E7 of the Legacy After The Locker Room podcast as Professional Soccer Alumni of the Afghan Women’s Team and Woman’s Rights Activist, Kawser Amine joins host Kayla Bradham to discuss creating hope and possibility for women’s rights. In this episode, Kawser shares the stories of oppressed women around the world.

Kawser was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan and is a former member of the female Afghan National Soccer Team. She earned a bachelor’s degree in General Management and specialized in International Relations at the Indian School of Business Management -ISBM in New Delhi, India. She has worked with various segments of society as a young women leader and a peace activist to improve the participation of women in leadership, governance, politics, peace processes and sports. 

Kawser Amine, Women’s Rights Activist

Kawser endeavors to bring light to women’s rights and equality. She works as a leadership program assistant officer of the National Security Council and as a political analyst for the Secretary Council of Afghanistan. Kawser also works for a radio program as well as volunteering for multiple organizations.  

Her objective is to give a voice to the thousands of women who have no voice. Kawser speaks up on behalf of the young people of her country and spreads awareness throughout the world to create change. 

“Growing up in Afghanistan, I was able to dream of things previously unheard of in my country. When the Taliban took over, all that ended. When I was nine, I decided to play professional soccer. As a young woman in Kabul, this was possible. The country was opening and growing, and women were finding access to education. My mother was a journalist. I started playing soccer in school. When I played, I could just be myself and not think about what many in my country thought. Some in my own family thought girls should marry young and stay at home, and sometimes angry men threw acid on girls walking to class; but we persisted. When I was selected to join the Afghanistan National Women’s Team, it was the best feeling of my life. I was moving forward, but I still hid my soccer uniform traveling between practice and home. Our team faced bomb threats. To the Taliban, we were enemies.” 

We are incredibly honored to hold space for Kawser as she shares her story on the Legacy After The Locker Room podcast. Kawser and Sports Philanthropy Network are politely asking you to continue to spread awareness by sharing this podcast to create awareness. 

Kawser Amine. Professional Soccer Alumni of the Afghan Women’s Team

Highlights of Kawser’s Podcast

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 1:00 Sports in Afghanistan
  • 3:00 Soccer is her passion, but education is a priority
  • 7:30 Following the clear vision that women need to be educated on advocacy
  • 13:00 Opening a soccer ground for girls
  • 14:00 Girls never being supported in Afghanistan, breaking the silence
  • 18:00 Physically in the U.S. but heart is in Afghanistan
  • 23:00 Tragedy of 19 girls killed wanting to be educated and free
  • 24:00 The world cannot see their pain, but need to open their eyes to see what is happening
  • 26:00 Starting the movement campaign to create more advocacy and awareness
  • 30:00 Part ing words of wisdom
Kawser Amine. Professional Soccer Alumni of the Afghan Women’s Team

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