LALR Podcast: S5:EP6–Mickey Crawford-Carnegie, NFL Cheerleader Alumni

Join us for S5:E6 of Legacy After The Locker Room podcast as NFL Cheerleader Alumni Mickey Crawford-Carnegie joins host Kayla Bradham to discuss creating hope through her professional cheerleading career. 

Mickey grew up competing as a gymnast and started cheering in Middle School with a passion for Football and Basketball. Mickey used her experience to her advantage and was selected as a Cheerleader for Georgia Tech which put her in a position to try out for the Atlanta Falcons. After a successful Cheerleading career with the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, Mickey remained involved in the excitement and energy of cheering. She is the Co-Founder and VP of the NFL National Football Cheer Alumni and has also been inducted into the NFL Cheerleading Hall of Fame. 

Mickey Crawford Carnegie, NFL Cheerleader Alumni- Atlanta Falcons.

Mickey was always seen as the event planner and coordinator for her team. It started with a group of 10-20 former NFL cheerleaders getting together and eventually turned into an Alumni program with over 450 NFL Alumni Cheer members. The Alumni group positively impacts the community through charity and gives her and hundreds of other fellow Cheer Alumni the joy and fame they experienced on the field.  

Mickey is the Founder of Always Cheer Promo, a promotional product distributor that contracts with over 3000 suppliers. The 100% woman-owned and managed company provides a more efficient cost per impression consistently over both social media and television.  

We take a moment to thank all the cheerleaders who are partnering with the NFL Alumni to serve communities across the country. Whether it is at a food drive, a charity golf event, or a dinner gala—we see you ladies! It is our turn to cheer for YOU! Thank you for working hard to create hope and possibility through sports! 

Mickey Crawford Carnegie, NFL Cheerleader Alumni

Highlights of Mickey’s Podcast

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 1:00 Gymnastics growing up
  • 3:00 Skills to be a cheerleader
  • 7:30 Cheerleader teaching
  • 9:00 Message to body image
  • 12:00 Cheerleading in college and NFL
  • 16:30 National Football Cheer Alumni
  • 21:00 Five minutes of fame on the field
  • 24:00 Sisterhood of Cheerleading Alumni & partnering with NFL Alumni
  • 26:00 Taste of the NFL
  • 28:30 Parting words of wisdom
Mickey Crawford Carnegie, NFL Cheerleader Alumni

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