LALR Podcast: S5:EP5–Benjamin Troupe, NFL Alumni

Join us for S5:E5 of Legacy After the Locker Room podcast as NFL Alumni Ben Troupe joins host Kayla Bradham to discuss creating hope and possibility through his football career in the NFL and transitioning into his current role as a published author and motivational speaker.  

After playing 5 years in the NFL for the Titans and Buccaneers, Tight End, Ben “Troupe Scadoop” Troupe is creating a significant impact by standing tall for people in need. Ben has made as big a name for himself off the field as he made on it. You will hear Ben referred to as a as a motivational speaker, an author, a philanthropist, and an ESPN Radio Host. He is a passionate advocate and volunteer! 

Ben currently hosts his own show called, “The Early Morning Show” where he spreads positivity and wise words of wisdom to those in need of an extra boost of confidence in themselves, and encourages individuals to live their legacy. Ben is the author of a book written with B.J. Bennett called, “Uncommon and Unfinished.” Ben’s book takes the reader through his life journey and inspires the community with words of wisdom. You can purchase Ben’s book on Amazon, or on his website,

Where did it start? Ben says, “During my playing days in the NFL I learned the importance of teamwork and how working together achieves greatness. I am a one-percenter who gets the best out of the worst and the most from the least.”  

Ben loves helping others achieve their goals. Frankly, Ben’s a people builder. He builds people up — and then he keeps them there through wise words of hope and wisdom. Frankly, we need more people like Ben in the world.  

Pour yourself a cold glass of sweet, iced tea or a piping hot cup of coffee and be inspired by this powerful podcast filled with words of wisdom and inspiration. 

Benjamin Troupe played 5 years in the NFL for the Titans and Buccaneers as a TE. Benjamin now contributes as a motivational Speaker, Author and Philanthropist.


Benjamin Troupe, NFL Alumni & Motivational Speaker

Highlights of Benjamin’s Podcast

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 1:00 Sports growing up
  • 4:00 Loving football
  • 7:00 NFL highlight
  • 8:30 Putting the team before the individual
  • 12:30 Accepting love
  • 14:00 Speaking inspirational words of hope and wisdom
  • 15:30 Speaking to the youth
  • 19:00 84 reasons podcast, Uncommon and Unfinished book
  • 23:30 Encouraging others to write a book and live their legacy
  • 26:00 Non Profit community
  • 27:30 Parting words of wisdom
Benjamin Troupe, NFL Alumni & Motivational Speaker

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