LALR Podcast: S5:EP3–Lonnie Young, NFL Alumni

Join us for S5:E3 of Legacy After The Locker Room Podcast as NFL Alumni (and Strategic Partner/Owner at PrideStaff). Lonnie Young joins host Kayla Bradham to discuss creating hope and possibility through his illustrious football career and by helping Americans attain employment in a difficult economy.

Lonnie revived his B.A. in communications from Michigan State University, where he played football and ran track for the Spartans. He was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals and complexed a 12-year NFL career; playing for the Cardinals, New York Jets, and (San Diego) Los Angeles Chargers.

After retiring from the NFL, Lonnie spent several years in private business before returning to the NFL in a front office role where he spend another 18 years with the Cardinals and Baltimore Ravens, helping to assemble the Raven’s 2021 Super Bowl team.

After retiring fully from the NFL, Lonnie purchased staffing and recruiting franchise called PrideStaff which he runs with his wife, Melanie. 30+ years of NFL experience taught Lonnie a ton of lessons that he was able to transfer over to the business world after pro sports retirement. Lonnie, Melanie, and their team are practicing what the NFL preaches:

  • Track results
  • Make it personal
  • Build loyalty
  • Celebrate success

In this episode of Legacy After the Locker Room, Lonnie and Kayla talk about leadership and team building. They talk shop when it comes to making people the highest priority in business and they talk strategy when it comes to success. The importance of benevolent giving is also eminent within the podcast, and how Lonnie’s family has chosen to help reach the needs of youth through charitable giving.

Lonnie Young had an illustrious 12-year NFL career. Lonnie is the Owner at PrideStaff. Lonnie transferred over to the business world post-pro-sports retirement. Lonnie will be the GM for the USFL Pittsburg Maulers in the 2023 upcoming season.


LALR Podcast S5:E3– Lonnie Young, NFL Alumni

Podcast Guide

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 1:00 Sports career at a young age
  • 5:30 The chance to grow as a football player
  • 7:00 “I held the man in the mirror responsible”
  • 8:00 NFL highlights
  • 13:00 Time after the NFL – Entrepreneurship
  • 19:00 Helping America attain employment
  • 21:30 Coaching, mentoring, and building teams
  • 25:00 Presentation matters
  • 27:00 PrideStaff
  • 29:30 Parting words of wisdom

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