LALR Podcast: S5:EP2–Dr. Chuck Morris: Executive Director of NFL Alumni Performance Lab

Join us for S5:EP2 of the Legacy After the Locker Room Podcast as Executive Director of the NFL Alumni Performance Lab, Dr. Chuck Morris joins host Kayla Bradham to discuss creating hope and possibility through the NFL Alumni Performance Lab and the big things to come for their organization!

Dr. Morris is the Executive Director of the NFL Alumni Performance lab. Dr and holds a PhD in Exercise Science. He specializes in the science of performance and functional neuroscience. Dr. Morris has been working in wellness for 28 years and was formerly the health and fitness coach of the entire city of Philadelphia, helping over 4,500 clients in over two decades.

Dr. Morris is an international speaker. His niche is motivation, human performance education, and development. Dr. Chuck Morris also teaches stress management and emotional intelligence around the world to help people identify their higher ability of performance from the inside out.

Fun fact: Dr. Morris found his passion in the U.S. Army and we cannot thank him enough for his hard-working and heartfelt service.

Dr. Morris is passionate about total health and wellness, “If people are pain-free, can move well, have energy and internally are youthful; then they can do and be who they really were designed to be.” -Dr. Chuck Morris

Dr. Morris is excited to “change the model” through exercise science… and through the NFL Alumni Performance Lab. He has dedicated himself to bringing in a different dynamic for retired players, regular individuals, and even children to help live a healthier and happier lifestyle within their body.

Dr. Chuck Morris has helped over 4,500 individuals
Dr. Morris was the health and fitness coach of the entirety of all PHIL
Dr. Morris is the Executive Director of the NFL Alumni Performance Lab


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 1:30 Early Sports career as a kid
  • 5:30 Finding a path to building strong mental and physical physiques
  • 7:00 Joined the Army
  • 9:00 Becoming intellectual about the science of the body
  • 14:00 “You always leave a space better than you find it”
  • 18:00 Help people change their lives
  • 19:00 NFL Alumni Performance Lab
  • 23:30 Take communities and merge them together
  • 25:00 Changing the model
  • 29:30 Parting Words


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