LALR Podcast: S5:EP11– Greg Burton, Multi Sports Pro Athlete

Join us for S5:E11 of Legacy After The Locker Room podcast as Multi Pro Sport Athlete, Greg Burton joins host Kayla Bradham to discuss creating hope and possibility through his Pro Sport career and life journey.

Greg Burton is a professional sailboat racer, tennis player, and ski instructor. In addition, he has 24 years of experience as a tech portfolio manager on Wall St. and 30 Years of startup experience, raising over $500MM at PaineWebber. With 35 years of tech and coding experience, Greg has positioned one of the greatest tech apps I’ve seen and I can’t wait to bring him on the show tonight to talk about it.

Greg Burton, Multi Sport Pro Athlete

Greg’s impressive accolades include:

*Pro sailboat racer, Bow on maxi boats Congere, Matador and Matador2 
*Squash Pro (In 1992, Ranked #1 in 30+ squash in the US)
*Tennis Pro 
*Ski Instructor 
*State Champ in Fencing and recruited to Penn 

*24 years Tech Portfolio Manager on Wall Street
*30 Years of startup experience, raised over $500MM at PaineWebber 
*35 years of tech and coding experience 

2009-14: Founder and CEO of Zoosse, a league and team management site
2014-18: Launched and developed the industry-best back office platform and CRM
2019-22: Built a world-class team and set up the current investment round

An incredible man with an incredible resume, we are grateful to be able to have Greg on our podcast. Listen to Greg’s improbable story down below!

Greg Burton, Multi Sport Pro Athlete

Highlights of Greg’s Podcast

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 1:00 Sports as a child
  • 5:00 Gained 40 pounds working out
  • 8:00 Top of the nation in Squash
  • 12:00 Vision and Mission born
  • 17:00 Connecting Athletes with each other
  • 19:00 Building on the web with different Social Media platforms
  • 24:00 Surrounding Athletes with the best possible equipment and service
  • 25:30 Pro Sports athletes are investing into PickleBall teams
  • 28:00 Bringing in popular Sports to site
  • 29:00 What is a Sport
  • 34:00 Words of Wisdom
Greg Burton, Multi Sport Pro Athlete

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