LALR Podcast: S4:EP25–Liffort Hobley, NFL Alumni & President of Tackle Hunger

Join us for S4:EP25 of the Legacy After the Locker Room Podcast as Liffort Hobley, the President of Tackle Hunger and NFL Alumni, sits down with Kayla Bradham to discuss Tackle Hunger and his time playing football!

Liffort Hobley is a former NFL safety, who played the majority of his career with the Miami Dolphins. He played collegiately at Louisiana State University. In his 4-year college career, he recorded 11 interceptions and was known as one of the smartest defensive players in the college game. After college, Liffort was drafted in the third round by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1985 NFL Draft. He eventually found his way to the Miami Dolphins, where he would spend 5 seasons as their starting strong safety. After retiring in 1993, he found a new passion as a football coach.

Along with his successful NFL career, Liffort is also the President of the Tackle Hunger organization. Tackle Hunger coordinates efforts to tackle hunger through its digital platform of fundraising services created to support food charities large and small. Mobilizing grassroots resources including churches, schools, civic groups, and caring individuals, this movement has created over $170 million worth of support that stays completely local.

Over the last three years alone, thousands of groups collected over $25 million in dollars and food donations for hunger-relief charities across the country. Over that period, our organization took $1 specifically donated to our mission and created over $18 for local food charities

Using all communities to tackle hunger!
Liffort Hobley joins our host Kayla Bradham on S4:EP25 of the Legacy After The Locker Room Podcast


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:45 Liffort young life in sports
  • 01:40 Liffort’s NFL career
  • 03:20 Thoughts on NIL
  • 06:40 Tackle Hunger and what it is
  • 18:20 Sponsor: Dugout Mugs (Kayla30)
  • 18:57 How Tackle Hunger stretches their dollar farther or to buy in bulk
  • 22:15 The Super Bowl of caring
  • 25:40 Liffort’s accomplishments as President of Tackle Hunger
  • 31:37 Words of Wisdom




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