Legacy After the Locker Room Podcast: S4:EP15–Jimmie Bell, NFL Alumni

Join us for S4:EP15 of the Legacy After the Locker Room Podcast as NFL Alumni, Rose Bowl Champion (The Ohio State University 1997), and Two-time Big Ten Conference Champion Jimmie Bell joins host Kayla J Bradham to discuss football, fame, and faith!

Jimmie says, “Every day, I think about what kind of a legacy I will leave when I die. Life circumstances were rough for me growing up and my life has become one obstacle after another. However, through a personal relationship with God, I have found hope. My choices may have not always been the best or right, but God has helped me through. My prayer is that I will be remembered not for what I have done, but how through my relationship with God, I was able to overcome life’s challenges and thrive.”

*NFL Alumni*Broker

*Fox ABC Sports Analyst

*Media Analyst and Personality

*Empowerment Speaker Coach Consultant

*AAA Insurance Agent

That’s Jimmie Bell, a sharp-dressed man with a heart of gold and a passion to inspire.

Jimmie Bell joins our host Kayla Bradham on S4:EP15 of the Legacy After The Locker Room Podcast


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:25 What Sports Looked Like In His Home
  • 05:24 Yesterday’s Price Is Not Today’s Price
  • 10:10 Where Did The Nuggets Of Wisdom Come From?
  • 14:40 Responsibility To Create Experiences For People
  • 16:20 We’re Each Other’s Example
  • 20:18 Dugout Mugs ( Use Code Kayla30) and SportsPhilanthropyNetwork.org
  • 20:59 Favorite Baseball Team?
  • 22:00 Go To Work!
  • 23:28 He Woke Up And His Millions Were Gone
  • 31:00 There Is No Healing With Certain Responses
  • 32:53 Hip-Hop Movement
  • 37:00 People Dilute Who They Are
  • 39:16 He Doesn’t Use The Words Black And White
  • 42:19 Why Do We Make Certain Assumptions?
  • 44:13 JimmieBellEmpowers on Instagram and Jimmie Bell on LinkedIn
  • 44:50 Autograph Donation 
  • 45:08 Words Of Wisdom


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Abby Bonebrake

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