LALR Podcast: S5: E1– 100th Episode Celebration: Mark Pattison, Michael Blair, Todd Coffey, Rich Donnelly, Chris Draft, Jesse Bradley & Kitrick Taylor

Join us for S5:EP1 of the Legacy After the Locker Room Podcast; The 100th Episode Special “Athlete Round-Table” featuring a gathering of some of the most impactful athletes across the Leagues.

  • NFL Alumni and Conqueror of the Seven Summits, Mark Pattison
  • NFL Alumni and Owner of Ninety10 Sports, Michael Blair
  • MLB Alumni and National Scouting Coordinator at Perfect Game USA – Coastal, Todd Coffey
  • Legendary MLB Third Base Coach Rich Donnelly
  • NFL Alumni and Founder of the Chris Draft Family Foundation, Chris Draft
  • MLS Alumni turned Pastor, Jesse Bradley
  • NFL alumni and Mental Health Specialist, Kitrick Taylor.

These inspirational athletes joined host Kayla Bradham to discuss their life journeys after sports. Their incredible journeys are creating hope and possibility for future generations and embody the essence of the podcast. These retired athletes are truly creating a legacy after the locker room!

Mark Pattison is a former NFL Wide Receiver who played a total of four years with the Raiders, Rams, and Saints. Pattison has dedicated his life to mountain climbing for his daughter and has partnered with the nonprofit, Higher Ground to help empower the people who need it most

Michael Blair is a former NFL running back, who played for the Packers and Bengals. After his NFL career, Blair turned to Bobsledding for the Jamaican Team. Shortly after, Michael turned to coaching football and developed Ninety10 Sports Academy; a platform helping athletes to develop physically and mentally to prepare for the College and Pro level.

Todd Coffey is a former MLB pitcher, who played for the Reds, Brewers, Dodgers, and Nationals. Coffey is now recruiting and coaching younger baseball athletes looking to take their talents to the next level. Coffey serves as the National scouting coordinator for Perfect Game; an organization that helps kids gain traction and scholarships for not only their careers but also their education.

Rich Donnelly is a devout Catholic, Motivational Speaker, Professional Baseball Coach and one of the top Racquetball players in the world. He was the 3rd Base Coach for the 1997World Series Champions, Florida Marlins, and coached EIGHT professional baseball teams during his 30+ year career. Donnelly is the author of the inspirational book, “The Chicken Runs at Midnight” and travels the country helping individuals overcome tragedy through the story of losing a daughter to cancer, a son in an act of heroism, and the heroic life-saving actions of his daughters at the Las Vegas shooting

Chris Draft is a former NFL Linebacker who played for a multitude of teams during his illustrious 12-year career. Draft has dedicated his life to creating hope and possibility for Lung Cancer survivors through the White Ribbon Project whose mission is to empower families, fight for people, and take down lung cancer. Learn more at The White Ribbon Project.

Jesse Bradley is a former Pro Soccer Goalkeeper who played in Scotland, Zimbabwe, and the MLS after graduating from Dartmouth. After a near-death experience due to a medication designed to save his life in a third-world country, Bradley found his faith and is now the Pastor of a Church dedicated to creating an impact in Seattle. Jesse and his team help spread hope throughout the world with a focus on community, outreach, and brotherly love.

Kitrick Taylor is a former NFL Wide Receiver for multiple teams, including the Green Bay Packers (where he caught Brett Farve’s first game-winning touchdown). Taylor has given his life to children and mental health at large. He spends his time working with the most underserved children in Los Angeles to make sure that children get the attention they need to live healthy and happy lives. After a near-death illness, last year, Taylor (aka The Quiet Smiles) has been working behind the scenes to publish a book that will encourage and inspire readers with the story behind his fame.

These seven inspirational athletes come together with Kayla to vulnerably share their personal stories. Each of these great athletes have given back to the community in their own amazing way and every athlete on this podcast takes the time to not only share their personal experience with life, but also inspire the listener to create their own legacy.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 1:35 Mark Pattison: Higher Ground In Faith
  • 2:50 Michael Blair: Coaching football, Ninety10 Sports Academy
  • 5:10 Todd Coffey: Perfect Game USA; Baseball Coaching & Teaching
  • 7:30 Rich Donnelly: Family Heroics; Helping people around the world overcome tragedy
  • 11:05 Chris Draft: The Chris Draft Family Foundation (Empowering Families)
  • 16:23 Jesse Bradley: Faith and spreading hope through being a Pastor. World of Vision
  • 20:45 Todd Coffey: Loving and helping children
  • 21:20 Jesse Bradley: Doing the next right thing, Building relationships
  • 23:40 Chris Draft: “Power of team” Live with no regret
  • 25:00 Rich Donnelly: Sharing great qualities with other people. “The Chicken Runs at Midnight”
  • 26:50 Michael Blair: “The humblest cat gets the most milk”
  • 27:40 Mark Pattison: Stepping into fear. Finding your summit
  • 29:30 Kitrick Taylor: Mental health, Giving back to the kids
  • 32:00 Athletes pitch their charity of choice
  • 41:00 Kayla wraps the podcast up and gives grace



  • Mark Pattison
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  • Michael Blair
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  • Todd Coffey
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  • Rich Donnelly
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  • Chris Draft
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    • Facebook: Chris Draft
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  • Jesse Bradley
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  • Kitrick Taylor:
    • Instagram: smile_stay_humble
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