Legacy After The Locker Room Podcast: S2:EP3–Terry Cummings, Former NBA Power Forward

Join us for S2:EP3 of the Legacy After the Locker Room Podcast as Terry Cummings, a former NBA Power Forward sits down with our host Kayla Bradham to discuss lessons he’s learned growing up in Chicago, playing in the NBA, becoming a minister, and starting a family.

Terry Cummings grew up in Chicago and played college basketball for DePaul University before being signed second overall in the 1982 NBA Draft. Over the course of his career, he played for the San Diego Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks, San Antonio Spurs, Seattle Supersonics, Philadelphia 76ers, New York Knicks, and Golden State Warriors.

Terry Cummings joins our host Kayla Bradham on S2:EP3 of the Legacy After The Locker Room Podcast


  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:35 Terry’s Background
  • 03:25 Growing Up
  • 05:28 Dealing with Anger
  • 08:15 Becoming a Minister
  • 11:50 What’s New
  • 13:00 Generations Against Bullying
  • 15:45 Terry on Family Life
  • 19:00 Terry on Marriage
  • 23:20 Favorite Team to Play For
  • 25:36 Favorite Coach
  • 27:20 Going to College
  • 28:46 Message to Young People
  • 32:50 Shout Outs
  • 35:00 Giving Back
  • 37:19 Contact Info
  • 38:30 Parting Words


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