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“Our office has a great relationship with many community partners including non-profit agencies, city departments and other wonderful community organizations.  We place, train and supervise Cox Civic Scholars in each of the below community partners.  One of their roles is to help IU students find volunteer opportunities.”


Indiana University offers incoming freshman the Cox Civic Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to scholars who participate in robust leadership development education to hone their skills and expand their knowledge about social justice. Throughout their time at the university, the scholars work with a local Bloomington or regional nonprofit agency and provide hands-on direct service and outreach to support IU students. The scholarship is incredibly selective and funds four years of education for Indiana students.


WFHB is Indiana’s local radio station that highlights the community outreach done by students around Bloomington’s area. The radio station has a small staff of about 150 people and heavily relies on volunteers. The station is supported by contributions from listeners and program underwriting by local businesses, as well as by community service grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The radio station began as a non-profit project established to organize a communal radio station.

United Way of Monroe County

The United Way of Monroe County is located in Bloomington, Indiana and relies on student volunteer support to empower those living in Indiana. The center focuses on high-quality childcare and parental supports, mentoring and self-esteem building, financial empowerment, trauma care, and recovery life skills. United Way partners with vulnerable communities to ensure that children of the community are met with stable environments to thrive in their respective situations. Moreover, United Way invests in recovery programs, mental health care, employment supports, and financial empowerment programs through our ongoing partnerships with nonprofit agencies, and through our United Way initiatives such as those sponsored by our Financial Stability Alliance. Additionally, United Way includes a branch known as Student United Way in which students from Indiana University volunteer at the center. Student United Way’s mission includes:

  1. Giving, advocating, and volunteering in the areas of education, income, and health
  2. Helping members and other students grow as leaders and connect to the community
  3. Building lasting relationships amongst members, partners, and with United Way


The WonderLab Museum of Science, Health & Technology is a science museum located in the city of Bloomington, Indiana. WonderLab began operation as a traveling outreach program run by a group of volunteers. To this day, the museum is run as a non-profit and meant for children to learn more about science and technology. The museum includes multiple volunteer programs, specifically with Indiana University. This opportunity allows students to apply classroom skills and become involved in the Bloomington community. College student currently consist of nearly half of WonderLab’s volunteer team. At the museum, the students remain involved on the museum floor, with special projects, and behind the scenes activities. The students also have the opportunity to network and receive mentoring from WonderLab staff, as well as serve as role models to teen volunteers and younger children.

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