Edmonton Oilers Organizational Spotlight

The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation is dedicated to building strong and safe communities by creating opportunities through the game of hockey. The foundation focuses on the needs of Edmonton’s community and raises funds through a range of activities.


Hockey Helps Kids

“Hockey Helps Kids” is a new way to raise awareness and funds for a variety of local charities and strengthen the relationship between the Oilers and the Edmonton community. The program was designed by Chloe and Harrison Katz after they decided that focusing on kids and hockey is one the best ways to make a difference in the community. They created the program so kids from around the city can get the opportunity to learn alongside the Oilers team.


The 50/50 is an online record-setting raffle brought by the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation. The raffle will give fans in Alberta a chance to win big during every Oilers home and away game this season. The raffle will also raise important money for the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation to reinvest in the community.

Game Night Auctions

At every home game for the Edmonton Oilers there is a silent auction where fans can bid on exclusive memorabilia and collectibles, such as autographed jerseys and limited-edition prints. There are also online auctions available as well.

ICE School

ICE School (In Class Education) has been an Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation initiative since 2002. It allows teachers to follow curriculum outcomes taught in the classroom and turn those concepts into real world understandings for their student. Along with this, the students are given the opportunity to move their classroom into the Rogers Place.

Seats for Kids

The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation’s Seat For Kids program provides unused game tickets to registered charities that provide child and family services in the community. This program allows many children to experience an Oilers hockey game.

Annual Donations

Each season the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation supports registered charitable organizations whose programs support those most vulnerable in the community.

Youth Hockey

The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation has a variety of programs that support youth hockey, such as First Shift, 2nd Shift and Oilers Hockey Program. First Shit is a program designed to ensure a positive experience to new-to-hockey families by offering a low-cost entry program to hockey, and 2nd shift is the bridge between First Shift and minor hockey registration. The Oilers Hockey School is a place where grassroot players can go to receive instruction from the pros.


For more information on the Edmonton Oilers Foundation click here.

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