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The Chicago Red Stars Cares Foundation


The CRS Cares foundation was setup to provide needed programs and opportunities focused on empowering marginalized members of the community in Chicago.


Diversity and Inclusion – Committed on making sure that everyone’s feelings are acknowledged, this program features a yearlong programming focused on the appreciation and celebration of the differences of the many diverse communities. 

Empowering Women – This program is focused on highlighting and celebrating the many wonderful women and their accomplishments. It features yearlong programing that’s intended to build confidence and strength in women and girls encouraging them to reach for their goals no matter how hard they might be.

Youth and Family – This program is focused on highlighting traditional and nontraditional family units. It features a yearlong programing centered on bring families together.

Getting Involved- The best way to get involved in any of these programs is through donations. Simply go to where you will not only get to donate to these programs but also to learn more.

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Brie Kvacik

Brie Kvacik

Sports Philanthropy Network

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