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The Brooklyn Nets are committed to giving back and bettering the lives of those in the surrounding communities. We strive to positively impact the communitys youth and adults through various initiatives and programs focusing on the following three pillars: Education, Basketball, and Community Investment. 

This initiative focuses on educating children in STEM related programs and helps build leadership skills and entrepreneurial drive in the classroom. The education pillar has three prongs which are NetSTEM, Tip of the Cap, and Math Hoops programs.  


NetSTEM targets middle and high school students through two choices of course programs to inspire and interest students in the fields of STEM. The two course options are Endeavor and STEM of Basketball which each have topics on: Big Data, Internet of Things, Future of Manufacturing, Future of Design, Algorithms,  

Tip of the Cap  

Tip of the Cap is sponsored by New Era and the program honors a young adult who is a trailblazer and also making a difference in their community. The program accepts public nominations and recognizes individuals at home Nets games throughout the season. 

Math Hoops

Lastly, Math Hoops is a comprehensive NBA initiative that teaches students the fundamentals of math through a basketball board game, the game can be played on a mobile app as well. So far, the program has been adopted in 24 states and educators who use the program have reported that Math Hoops has improved the student’s accessibility and relevance to math and has improved students’ ability to work in teams.  

Basketball Academy 

Firstly, Basketball Academy is a semi-private basketball training initiative that focuses on fundamental basketball skill and elite training development. The imitative also stresses the importance of leadership ability, mental fortitude and growth, and physical development.  

 Game Growers 

Next, Game Growers is a Nike sponsored initiative that encourages girls in the 7th and 8th grade to share their ideas of how to encourage more girls to play sports. Each NBA and WNBA selected two girl captains to help foster ideas on increasing participation and accessibility to sports for girls their age. Game Growers is imperative due to the problem that girls are 50% more likely than boys to drop out of sports once they reach 8th grade.  

Charity Stripe is sponsored by Key Food and is an initiative that makes donations based on the total amount of free throws that the Nets make throughout the season. Partners of Charity Stripe include: Urban Meadow, Belinda Bananas, Kellogg’s, Post Pebbles, Progresso Soup, andRed Bull. 


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