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The Shamrock Foundation is committed to extend the Boston Celtics championship legacy throughout the New England community through initiatives that help children in need. On an annual basis, the Shamrock Foundation provides programs and strategic funding to local organizations serving at risk or at need youth populations. The Shamrock Foundation partners with socially responsible organizations and philanthropic individuals to grow its mission and reach throughout the New England region. Each custom youth activity promotes healthy development behaviors and uplift spirits by leveraging the power of sports and the Celtics global brand.


BCSF 50/50 Raffle: Launched in March 2012, the 50/50 raffle has raised over $400,000 for the Shamrock Foundation and community partners. The raffle increases the impact in the community and is a great way for companies and fans to volunteer and help the New England area.

Heroes Among Us: Starting in 1997, the Boston Celtics have teamed up with the Mass State Lottery to honor heroes in the community who go above and beyond the call of duty in helping out those in need around them. At every Celtics home game, the hero is honored with a special in-game ceremony on the court. Last year, the Massachusetts State lottery returned over $1.1 billion to the 351 towns and cities of Massachusetts to help improve local projects, public safety, and education initiatives.

Players’ Choice Grant: Since 2010, the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation has donated $50,000 as part of the annual Players’ Choice Grant. This grant allows all members of the Celtics roster to vote on the beneficiary of a professional grade renovation. The renovation is unveiled following the NBA Draft each summer. 

Make-A-Wish Experiences: Since 1989, the Celtics have granted over 60 wishes to children from different states and countries around the world. These wishes give the children the chance to meet their favorite player, join the team for a day or even become the team photographer.

Seats for Soldiers: Every year season ticket members, corporate partners and the Celtics donate tickets to enlisted military personel from all branches.

The Playbook Initiative: Inspired by members of the 2016-2017 Celtics roster, the Shamrock Foundation launched an anti-dsicrimination and bias-prevention program. This program inspires a dilagoue on race, religion, gender, disability and sexual orientation. This ultimately equips kids with the tools needed to handle difficult social situations.

Sr. Celtics: Older members of the Boston community participate in group workouts led by Celtics players and coaching staff. Participants are educated on physical exercise and provided with equipment that encourages an active lifestyle. 

For more information on these outreach initaitives and the BCSF: 

Donate to Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation

Donate to Celtics Fund for Social Justice

 2019-20 Impact Report


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