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The Atlanta United Foundation strives to make the game of soccer accessible and inclusive for individuals across the state of Georgia. Through the global game of soccer, their grant programs stress the importance of physical fitness while building a supportive culture of play and sportsmanship.


Equipment Donations

Atlanta United partners with Good Sports in their efforts to donate soccer equipment to schools, community groups, nonprofit organizations, and others in need of donations.  Donations are awarded twice a year to groups throughout the state of Georgia.  The goal of these equipment donations is to remove the barriers that restrict some from being able to play soccer.  The program is designed to provide youth soccer players with necessary equipment, offering children a chance to enjoy the game when they would not have had the opportunity otherwise.


This initiative began in September 2020, when the Atlanta United Foundation and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, a community development support organization, announced their plan to create up to 100 miniature soccer pitches across the state of Georgia. Schools, community organizations, and parks and recreation departments throughout Georgia can apply for grants in order to fund the building of these mini pitches in their communities.  In 2020, the first phase of GA 100 took place.  In this phase, the first four sites were chosen, and grants were awarded.  The second phase is currently underway.  This will include grants for 16 more mini-pitches.  The ultimate goal of GA 100 is to complete 100 mini-pitches before the 2026 FIFA World Cup.  By building these mini-pitches, the GA 100 initiative highlights the Atlanta United Foundation’s mission of making soccer more accessible and inclusive.

Station Soccer: This unique program involves converting previously unused spaces into miniature soccer pitches.  The goal of Station Soccer is to demonstrate the endless possibilities of soccer, mainly the point that anywhere can become a soccer pitch.  Station Soccer began in 2016 when the Atlanta United Foundation opened a mini pitch inside of a major urban transit station.  In 2018, the Atlanta United Foundation began a multi-year partnership with Soccer in the Streets to continue the Station Soccer initiative.

Salute Our Troops

Atlanta United is committed to serving the military community through several outreach programs that they offer in partnership with Envistacom.  Some of these events include an annual soccer clinic at a military base in Georgia, military appreciation games, and watch parties overseas. 

Spike The ATL UTD Pup: Spike is a yellow Labrador puppy being trained to become a service dog.  Atlanta United, in partnership with America’s VetDogs, is co-raising Spike as he prepares to serve veterans and first responders.  As the first service dog to represent an MLS club, Spike is a further demonstration of how Atlanta United is committed to supporting our country’s heroes.  When Spike completes his training, he will be matched with a veteran or first responder whom he will serve.

Unite & Conquer Cancer Campaign: This program has the goal of providing a platform for children and young adults that have survived cancer or are battling cancer.  The campaign also recognizes the work of hospitals and other organizations in Atlanta that are involved in pediatric cancer care and research.


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Abby Bonebrake

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