Art in Sport: The College Cuber

I love connecting Sports to goodness. That can emerge in ways you might not expect–like The Arts. I actually have a degree in Theatre and love to get in touch with my creative energy, so I’m going to take the next few posts to highlight my recent experiences with #ART in sport. 

This is my friend Dylan Sadiq known as “The College Cuber”. I met him just a bit before Super Bowl 56 as he was producing his art for those events. 

Dylan creates Rubik’s cube portraits of his favorite athletes for professional sports organizations. He’s a first-generation Biomedical Engineering Student at Rutgers University who is humble, wise, compassionate, and giving. 

He says, “Growing up, my family couldn’t afford tickets to these professional sporting events. I don’t want anyone struggling financially to not have the opportunity to experience watching their favorite sports team in person.” 

At the NBA Crossover Dylan was signing one-inch Rubik’s cubes and giving them out at no cost to children. How encouraging is that!!

Scan the QR code in the last picture to learn more or go to:

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Eve Maddock

Eve Maddock

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