49ers Foundation – 30th Anniversary Campaign

Mission: The 49ers Foundation harness football to educate and empower Bay Area youth through direct and beneficiary programs throughout Bay Area counties and beyond. From 49ers EDU’s award-winning STEAM education program and 49ers PREP’s nationally recognized youth football, health and wellness programs, the 49ers Foundation supports both initiatives in their dedication to inspire the confidence and collaboration youth need to tackle what is possible.

49ers Foundation 30th Anniversary Campaign

The San Francisco 49ers have announced their foundation’s 30th anniversary celebration in line with the celebration of the 75th anniversary of their organization. They have unveiled two new logos to celebrate these milestones and the accomplishments of both their organization and foundation.

Throughout their 30 years, the 49ers foundation has raised and invested $50 million into the Bay area youth and surrounding communities through their dedication to public service. The 49ers PREP initiative has empowered and encouraged youth to lead healthy lifestyles through fitness and life skills programming. They continue to provide safe spaces for youth to play flag football and learn the importance of teamwork. The 49ers EDU initiative promotes STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Art & Math) education by providing on-site classrooms inside Levi’s Stadium for Bay area youth, as well as a free curriculum available to educators in participating schools. 49ers EDU announced a Virtual Lesson Series focusing on STEAM for K-8 students and teachers in response to the pandemic which halted their ability to host students and Levi’s Stadium. The program was created as an addition to their in-person programming and is now available online and is free of charge.

Through their continued efforts, the 49ers organization has provided access to resources to over 500,000 youth and communities in the Bay area for the past 30 years. Their foundation continues to host and develop new ways to give back each and meet the needs of their surrounding communities. You can learn more about the 49ers Foundation dedication to community by reading their full impact report.

Race to Tackle Poverty (May 11-June 25)

Fans and members of the 49ers Faithful will commit 30 miles of riding, running or walking, in honor of the 49ers Foundation and Tipping Point’s shared goal to provide better access to education, health and wellness programs, housing, and more. All proceeds will benefit both the 49ers Foundation and Tipping Point to give back to the Bay Area communities.

Kickoff: Players for a Purpose (August)

The 49ers Foundation will kick off the 2021 football season by hosting their Players for a Purpose event.

Dig For Gold Auction

Through the Dig for Gold auction fans can bid on 49ers gear and experiences throughout the season with all the proceeds being donated towards the mission of the 49ers foundation.

To learn more about the 49ers Foundation and their 75th anniversary campaign events or to find out how to get involved you can visit their website.

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Abbey DeRossi

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