10 Tips for College Students to Help Positively Stabilize Mental Health  

With College students wrapping up summer and heading back to School; mental health is a top priority here at Sports Philanthropy Network. We wanted to take the time and remind every College student about the best way to stay active and help positively improve their mental health. With that being said, here are “10 Tips for College Students to Help Positively Stabilize Mental Health,” as they continue to find their niche and career path.  

Tip #1 Take A Brain Break

Create a study-break schedule to help reduce stress. This can be done by going on a short walk or jogging to let your body and mind reset. Over-stimulating the brain is the last thing you want to do as a college student, so make sure to give your brain a break when you can and get outside!

Tip #2 Join A Workout Class

Working out in a scheduled class is a fun and easy way to make new friends and focus on your physical and mental health. Working out with others often helps one another give extra motivation to get some physical exercise while you give your brain a study break!

Tip #3 Join A Intramural Sports Team

Intramural Sports are a great way to take a break from schoolwork to meet new friends. Physical exercise can help relax the body and help one sleep at night; preventing overstimulation, and what’s a better way than playing a competitive sport with your closest college friends!?

Tip #4 Find A Workout Buddy

A workout partner will help keep you accountable and makes exercise fun at the same time. Working out with a buddy can help you stay on track and create an exercise routine!

Tip #5 Walk Or Ride A Bike

Moving your body before class stimulates your mind and reduces stress. Exercising before class can help better develop the frontal lobe, helping your mind be much more creative during class. Not to mention, your body will feel a lot more tired at night when you run/ride a bike, helping form a better sleep schedule.

Tip #6 Eat Healthy And Get Enough Sleep

Setting small goals to eat the right food and get enough sleep allows your body to recharge, improve concentration and enhance your overall academic performance. Getting 8+ hours of sleep every night is scientifically proven to help the mind recharge and not be groggy to start the day.

Tip #7 Set A Fitness Goal

Setting a fitness goal and plan for oneself can add extra motivation during the week, and help with your mental and physical health. Setting a schedule to hit that fitness goal will help you stay at a consistent rate and will help raise physical and mental happiness throughout the day.

Tip #8 Meditation / Yoga

Try out Meditating or doing yoga! Find your center of balance, calm your nerves, refocus your mind, and rebuild your mental and physical strength through various different types of meditation and yoga.

Tip #9 Get Your Steps In Each Day

Use your smartwatch or phone to make sure you’re getting in at least ten thousand steps per day. Walk or bike to school every day instead of taking the bus or driving! Getting the necessary amount of steps every day can help boost your mental health.

Tip #10 Have Fun Playing Outdoors With Friends

Grab your ball or a frisbee and enjoy physical and social activity outdoors with friends. Getting sunlight and a breath of fresh air can significantly improve one’s mental state health.

Take a step back as you are starting the next chapter in life or as your chapter is coming to a close. You might be feeling excited, anxious, or a mix of emotions. As the school year starts; you might be finding your group of friends, what your major is, changing your major, or even deciding on a future career. Using our ten tips for ways to help reduce stress and positively improve mental health will help you for a successful year ahead. Here at Sports Philanthropy Network we care for your mental and physical well-being and wish you the best of luck this year!

Melissa Strausss

Melissa Strausss

Sports Philanthropy Network

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